Decades of research has developed a system for revealing and exploring

music harmony. The science of harmony has been discovered at its core.

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T h e   M o d a r y   S y s t e m
T h e   M o d a r y   S y s t e m
T h e   M o d a r y   S y s t e m

In 1989, we came across an article of music theory that introduced the idea that perhaps the best analogy between color and music is derived from the modal-scales of harmony, since they have a mood aspect. The impressionistic capabilities of modes may have been recognized by the earliest of composers, though had not been acknowledged by harmony theory until the last few centuries. Here we are reintroducing the concept made available by that article, and which inspired the 20 years of in-depth research that followed.


Bass-notes provide the foundations for Colorful Impressions to be appreciated on tuned instruments.

The spectrum can be clearly seen when the Main Diatonic Scale is spread out by perfect 5ths. The next observation is that the perfect 5th (opposite the perfect 4th) and the chromatic (half step) are the only two intervals that cycle through the 12 notes. These two types of intervals may therefore constitute two perpetual dimensions, each involving 12 positions.

The Main Spectrum

Explanation of The Modary's Spectrums and their Modes.

The association of color to the notes of instruments is only an extra feature of this in-depth system. The colorized projections of the system's prescriptions are merited, since the system is built from 119 modal-scales which are each one of 7 relatives within their parent Spectrum. As a very primary example of what interface is involved with this new system, we depict here a colored guitar fretboard in the simple key of Bb.

Colored Keyboard in Bb
Colored Guitar in Bb

Comparing the Various Names for Modal Scales.

The Modary System™ for exploring music harmony ultimately involves 17 Spectrums, and the physical correlation between them allows for a Map of Music Harmony to be obtained. Then a variety of processes implementing such a Map allow for many great tools to be provided regarding harmony, including the time aspect of Music-Space, and every aspect of Tonality. The system is able to predict the compatibility between various 'Harmonic Forms'.

The Map Explained

A Map of Harmony Denotes the Chromatic Relationship Discovered to Exist Between 119 Modes.

The figure above is a sample from the Modary Map™. The system interprets the map by an infotech-related process which is simulated at the Color-Guitar website.

Enter the Known

The System's Theory of Operation is Simulated Online.

The subject of musical harmony involves a few separate aspects, each of which is being explained by this 20 years of research. One of these relates directly to the Chromatic Domain, which treats intervals as spatially equal, coinciding with equal-temperament. Beyond the struggles of harmony theory, this system qualifies and utilizes 119 modal scales, which each exist within a Spectrum containing a group of 7 relatives, and which relate to one another in the same way as the original 7 modes of modal harmony.

The 17 unique Spectrums of this system and their underlying fixed intervallic relationship, allow for color and music to be appropriately associated to one another, while a physical correlation found between the Spectrums allows for a long-sought Map of Music Harmony to be obtained and presented. Via infotech, the implications of such a map can provide predictions and recommendations regarding composition and improvisation, and thereby be an assistant, by illuminating what is otherwise only perceived by sound.

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Built upon the Discovered Modal-Map of Musical Harmony,

The Modary System provides AI based Tools for Musicians.

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Modal Theory of Harmony

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